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Starboard Atom Carbon 2015
11-04-2015 - De Starboard Atom IQ 100 blijft een klasse apart, het board combineert slalom met gebruiksvriendelijkheid, waardoor het board... Bekijk verslag
Test Severne Blade 2015
17-11-2014 - The Severne Blade 2015 has been a genuine stand-out wave sail for many years. It has a lightness in the hands that is unriva... Bekijk verslag
Neilpryde MK 6 Slalom
20-10-2014 - NEIL PRYDE RSS SLALOM MK6 7.8M 2014 TEST REPORT REVIEW Sitting alongside Pryde’s title-winning EVO6, the Neilpryde RS:Sl... Bekijk verslag
Test Mistral Slalom 2014
16-02-2014 - 2014 MISTRAL SLALOM 112L TEST REVIEW REPORT THE LOW DOWN The Mistral Slalom is a classic race board, available in three s... Bekijk verslag
Test JP Magic Ride 2014
06-10-2013 - 2014 JP AUSTRALIA MAGIC RIDE This all-new extra wide, short and thin board concept within the JP line is said to combine ... Bekijk verslag
Unifiber Lessacher Tuttlebox
28-12-2011 - Sommerzeit ist Seegraszeit und in vielen Revieren geht dann gar nichts mehr. Spezielle Seegrasfinnen verhindern zuverlässig... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Test Hyperlite System boots voor kiteboarding
18-11-2014 - Hyperlite Process Je ziet ze in allerlei kleuren en vormen angskomen: wakeboardbindingen. Toch is er sinds een aantal jar... Bekijk verslag
Test North Dice 2015
26-10-2014 - Rider: Weight 85kg,Level Intermediate (I spose???) been riding just over 2 years Style: Freeriding, Surf Weather: 15-30 knot... Bekijk verslag
Best Armada 2014
20-10-2014 - The Armada is a performance freeride and newschool twin tip and it’s the ideal board for advanced kitersurfers who session ... Bekijk verslag
Test Naish Ride 2014
07-05-2014 - Naish Says: The Ride is for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity. The incredibly lightweight, two-strut ... Bekijk verslag
Test Naish Hero 2014
05-12-2013 - The Naish Hero is a versatile and efficient freeride twin tip kiteboard designed by Naish to boost your performance to a new ... Bekijk verslag
Test Best TS 2013
05-11-2013 - KITE FEATURES BEST TS 2013 The first version of the BEST TS by Best was introduced in 2012 and proved to be a success due ... Bekijk verslag
Best Breeze 2014
13-10-2014 - Best Says: The Breeze is built on our lightweight Supremo wood core. We reinforce the deck with Torsion-X tape from corner t... Bekijk verslag
WindSUP 11’2” Deluxe Inflatable
19-08-2014 - Een uitgebreidere sup als de “Deluxe serie” van Starboard is er niet....

SUP magazine Bekijk verslag
Starboard Atom
02-06-2014 - “Slim” Freeride boards Fashion or Future? De z.g. slim boards beginnen snel aan populariteit te winnen. In 2009 intro... Bekijk verslag
Tabou 3s LTD 2014
07-05-2014 - 2014 TABOU 3S 106L LIMITED TEST REVIEW REPORT THE LOW-DOWN The new Tabou 3S 106 has a lot going on in the tail, with a lo... Bekijk verslag
Test F-one Trax 2014
07-05-2014 - F-One Says: The Trax is a state of the art pro freestyle board providing the ultimate in riding sensation. Our totally new... Bekijk verslag
Test Fanatic Triwave 2014
11-02-2014 - 2014 FANATIC TRI WAVE 95L TEAM EDTION TEST REVIEW REPORT BEST FOR Those looking for a slightly more challenging waveboard... Bekijk verslag
Test North Natural 2013
02-02-2014 - SAIL POSITIONING Any level or size of windsurfer looking for a plug ‘n play, easy to set up and use product with a littl... Bekijk verslag
Test Naish Motion 2014
05-12-2013 - The Naish Motion is the kind of twin tip kiteboard that can do it all. The guys at Naish say that it offers everything from f... Bekijk verslag
Test Neilpryde Combat 2014
04-12-2013 - NEILPRYDE COMBAT 4.2 2014 TEST THE VERDICT Refined power and decent handling for waveriding and rotational manoeuvres. ... Bekijk verslag
Test North X-Type 2013
04-12-2013 - 2013 NORTH X-TYPE 7.3M TEST REVIEW REPORT BEST FOR Those that like sailing powered-up and cranking high-speed turns and tri... Bekijk verslag
Test North Nugget 2014
12-11-2013 - FEATURES 2014 NORTH NUGGET If you want to have maximum fun in small waves and less consistent winds, you should check out ... Bekijk verslag
Test F-One Bandit 7
11-11-2013 - KITE FEATURES The new 2014 F-One Bandit is better than ever. Every aspect of the F-One kite has been refined in order to d... Bekijk verslag
Naish Nalu 11.4"
11-11-2013 - The Nalu board line introduced by Naish in 2011 is designed to offer reliable performance in a multitude of conditions. These... Bekijk verslag
Test Cabrinha Switchblade 2014
05-11-2013 - KITE FEATURES The Cabrinha Switchblade has always been a reliable partner for freeride and big airs, a kite that boosts yo... Bekijk verslag
Test North Dice 2014
05-11-2013 - KITE FEATURES The North Dice is a brand new addition to the North kites family. It is engineered using an innovative desi... Bekijk verslag
Test North S-Type 2013
29-10-2013 - 2013 NORTH S-TYPE 7.8 TEST REVIEW REPORT THE LOW-DOWN The North S-Type freerace sail has featured in the North range fo... Bekijk verslag
North Ram F12
27-10-2013 - Background The North Ram F12 is described by North as the “tough little brother” to their hard-core world cup race sai... Bekijk verslag
Test Tabou Speedster LTD 2013
20-10-2013 - 2013 TABOU SPEEDSTER 110L LTD TEST REVIEW REPORT THE LOW DOWN The Speedster is an all-new board line in the Tabou range, ... Bekijk verslag
Test Naish Force 2013
02-10-2013 - 2013 NAISH FORCE 5.3 TEST REVIEW REPORT Background The Naish Force is the power wave sail in the Naish range, designed fo... Bekijk verslag
Gaastra Manic 2012
02-10-2013 - The Manic has been Gaastra’s all-round wave sail for many years now, last year the range was fully redeveloped and for 2012... Bekijk verslag
Tabou Manta 2013
02-10-2013 - 2013 TABOU MANTA TEST REVIEW REPORT BEST FOR Aspiring racers who want the thrill of pro-level speed with the added conve... Bekijk verslag
Test Fanatic Falcon 2013
25-09-2013 - 2013 FANATIC FALCON 112L TEST REVIEW REPORT THE LOW DOWN The Falcon 2013 is Fanatic’s PWA Production slalom racing w... Bekijk verslag
North Rebel 2014
15-09-2013 - The North Rebel is back to boost your freeride sessions to a new dimension. The guys at North kiteboarding tweaked and tuned ... Bekijk verslag
Tabou Rocket
08-09-2013 - Tabou Rocket continuous to receive excellent results in board tests. This season (2011) the Tabou Rocket 125 and the larger ... Bekijk verslag
F-One Bandit
08-09-2013 - F-One Says: Based on the stand alone patented F-ONE DELTA C-SHAPE design, the BANDIT 6 fits perfectly in the BANDIT stellar ... Bekijk verslag
Fanatic Shark 2013 (2012)
08-09-2013 - A new series of Fanatic boards started at the beginning of the 2012 windsurfing season. All boards are crafted according to ... Bekijk verslag
JP Fusion
08-09-2013 - The Fusion by JP Australia is a universal wave SUP. It is actually an all round board oriented towards wave performance.... Bekijk verslag
Gaastra Matrix 2013
26-08-2013 - 2013 GAASTRA MATRIX 6.5M TEST REVIEW REPORT BEST FOR Any type of freeride or freerace board (compact or narrower outline... Bekijk verslag
Naish Draft
25-08-2013 - The Naish Draft is the latest addition to the Naish kite family. It is a high performance freeride kite that excels at hooked... Bekijk verslag
GoPro Hero 3 Black
10-08-2013 - Inleiding De nieuwste telg van GoPro is aangekondigd: de GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Naast deze versie komen er ook nog tw... Bekijk verslag
Naish Mana Air 10.0"
06-08-2013 - SUP-Bretter aus dem Sack – eine kleine Kaufberatung Das gute alte Luftboot-Prinzip wird längst auch von der SUP-Branche...

SUP-Guide Bekijk verslag
Cabrinha Vector 2013
31-07-2013 - Cabrinha Vector Sizes Available: 3.5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14m Sizes Tested: 9m... Bekijk verslag
JP X-cite ride PRO
20-05-2013 - An Land: Shaper Werner Gnigler verzichtete bei seinem JP X-Cite Ride auf auffällige Shapebesonderheiten – dem Board schade... (DE) Bekijk verslag
F2 Vegas LTD 2012
20-05-2013 - 25.06.2012 Surf-Magazin - surf-Empfehlung: Der F2 Vegas verkörpert ebenfalls den prototypischen Freerider, der die meisten S... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Gaastra Hatch 2013
29-03-2013 - KITE FEATURES A new series of Gaastra kites are ready for the new 2013 season. The Hatch 2 and Jekyll 5 are intended to re... Bekijk verslag
Neilpryde Hornet vs Hellcat
05-02-2013 - Fazit: Das Hornet ist perfekt für trimmfaule Surfer, die auf viel Leistung in einem breiten Windbereich setzen. Das Hellcat... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Gaastra Jekyll 6
02-02-2013 - Kite Features Gaastra Jekyll 2013 The new Gaastra Jekyll 2013 is now at the 6th edition. And for the 2013 season Gaastra t... Bekijk verslag
North Rebel 2013
02-02-2013 - North Rebel 2013 kite North kiteboarding, one of the most prestigious companies in the world of kiteboarding, has recently... Bekijk verslag
Naish Park 2013 9m2
02-02-2013 - Naish Park 9m2 2013 test It had a good low-end in the beginning with 15kts and a good high end at the end of the session w... Bekijk verslag
Cabrinha Switchblade 2013
02-02-2013 - Kite Features Cabrinha Switchblade 2013 The Switchblade is Cabrinha’s solution for ultimate wakestyle performance. It is... Bekijk verslag
Cabrinha Vector 2012
02-02-2013 - Kite Features Cabrinha Vector 2012 The Vector is Cabrinha’s latest addition to the 2012 kite line. The kite’s design i... Bekijk verslag
Naish Torch 2013
02-02-2013 - Kite Features Naish Torch 2013 The Naish Torch is back for the 2013 season. This kite is one of the most successful compet... Bekijk verslag
Test Neilpryde Hellcat 2011
26-03-2012 - The NeilPryde Hellcat impressed the SURF tester in the freeride 7.2 no-cam sail test and won. SURF is talking about... (DE) Bekijk verslag
JP Superlight Wind Pro
22-03-2012 - With the new Super Lightwind 92 JP makes a next step to approach the biggest target group in light winds: Windsurfers who wan... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Severne NCX 2012
22-02-2012 - DESIGN: The Severne NCX’s design is based on a race sail, with a reduced ratio and special attention to the leech, so that...

Wind magazine (France) Bekijk verslag
Severne Overdrive 2012
22-02-2012 - SCHON GEFAHREN: SEVERNE OVERDRIVE... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Starboard Quad 2012
18-02-2012 - Compared to the other boards in the test, the Starboard Quad has a flatter deck, equipped with thin and small pads. However, ... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Starboard Kode 2012
18-02-2012 - Freemoveboards in general: The Starboard Kode is a classic all-rounder. You want to go fast, but without competing? Fat ju... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Starboard Futura 2011
18-02-2012 - On land: Somewhat of a tradition, Starboard enters this test again with obviously the widest board of the group. And apart fr... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Neilpryde Hellcat 2011
28-12-2011 - The NeilPryde Hellcat impressed the SURF tester in the freeride 7.2 no-cam sail test and won. SURF is talking about... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Neil Pryde Combat wave 2011
28-12-2011 - The NeilPryde Combat finished first in the SURF wave sail test due to the sail having “Lots of power and less weight.” ... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Neil Pryde Combat wave 2011
28-12-2011 - wave sail test due to the sail having “Lots of power and less weight.” On a 370 mast the sail still seems soft, power... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Unifiber Lessacher Powerbox
28-12-2011 - Sommerzeit ist Seegraszeit und in vielen Revieren geht dann gar nichts mehr. Spezielle Seegrasfinnen verhindern zuverlässig... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Neilpryde X3 boom
24-12-2011 - High tech boom, multi part construction, now much better. SURF has already tested the new NeilPryde X3 160 - 210 boom t... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Naish Park 2012
24-12-2011 - Introducing the Naish Park Firmly from the ‘keep it simple’ school of kite range thinking, the Park is one of only thre...

Engelse kite magazine Bekijk verslag
Neilpryde Hellcat 2011
23-12-2011 - The NeilPryde Hellcat impressed the SURF tester in the freeride 7.2 no-cam sail test and won. SURF is talking about... (DE) Bekijk verslag
Starboard Freeride 12’2” Fun
19-08-2014 - Een lengte van 3.70 meter, een mooie afgebogen neus en een inklapbaar zwaard. Dit is het recept voor de perfecte “Glide” ...

SUP magazine Bekijk verslag
Test Naish One 12.6
24-06-2014 - Naish "ONE" 12'6" Inflatable SUP (ISUP) To take this inflatable SUP through its paces it went on a winter trip to the Sout...

SUP magazine Bekijk verslag