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Bekijk alle details van de northsails super hero hd 2018 eenvoudig online bij Geniet zo snel mogelijk van je nieuwe aankoop, bestel vandaag nog in de online surfshop.

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Merk: Northsails Wavezeil
Kleur: Rood
Artikelnr: 4010110063 / 4010110063
Leveranciernr: 14800-1203

On the one hand, the SUPER HERO captivates with manageable top end performance, even in nuking spots such as the Canaries or South Africa, remaining perfectly controllable even in extreme overpowered jumping conditions. On the other hand, it offers powerful acceleration at the lower wind limit, for down the line riding on Maui or Mauritius. Designer Kai Hopf has moved up the batten above the boom increasing the gap to the foot batten similar to a 3 batten sail. This FREE.BOOMZONE.CONCEPT provides an incredible on-off feeling on the wave. The batten-free area is super easy to pump and offers less resistance for the wind to fill out the profile in the wind in the underpowered conditions, similar to a 3 batten sail. However, in order to ensure high amounts of stability in strong winds and performance throughout a massive wind range. Kai uses two MINI.BATTEN and the HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH directly above the boom. In addition, RADIAL.LOAD.STRIPES starting from the clew stabilize in particular the boom-free area and ensure an even load-distribution.


The result is a 4 batten wave sail with incomparable wide wind range, combining maximum low end power with control and stability. The low weight makes for incredible handling, while rigging you can already imagine how light and soft the sail feels. The rotation is as smooth as silk, even with minimal outhaul tension. The top of the sail works very effectively to support the power. Therefore you can safely choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost any rider, regardless of their weight.

Basically identical, the SUPER HERO HD comes without monofilm even in the main window panel.

Zeil Luff Giek Mast Latten Dikte
3.0 351 140 340/370 4 RDM/
3.4 357 142 340/370 4 RDM/
3.7 361 147 340/370 4 RDM/
4.0 374 151 370/400 4 RDM/
4.2 380 156 370/400 4 RDM/
4.5 390 159 370/400 4 RDM/
4.7 404 164 400/370 4 RDM/
5.0 410 168 400 4 RDM/
5.3 422 172 400 4 RDM/
5.7 438 177 430 4 RDM/
5.9 444 179 430 5 RDM/SDM
6.3 455 185 430 5 RDM/SDM
6.7 464 191 460/430 5 RDM/SDM