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Bekijk alle details van de starboard i-sonic l.c.f. carbon 2018 eenvoudig online bij Geniet zo snel mogelijk van je nieuwe aankoop, bestel vandaag nog in de online surfshop.

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Merk: Starboard Windfoil board
Kleur: ---
Artikelnr: 4000550019 / 4000550019
Leveranciernr: I-Sonic Carbon 2018

Starboard’s flagship board range. The cutting edge in windsurf board technology and the lightest, fastest windsurf boards.

World Champion in 2016 for both Men’s and Women’s PWA Slalom.

The iSonics are all-new for 2018. They’re divided into three groups: the Speed Slaloms (70, 75, 80, 87, and 90), the Slaloms (97 and 107) and the Race Slaloms (117, 127  137, 147 and 157). The iSonic 147 and 157 are all new, made especially for light winds, for the new 91cm ISAF Slalom maximum width limit and for high performance foiling.

The iSonic 117, 127, 137, 147 and 157 are ‘Ready to Foil’: the fin boxes are reinforced and ready for foiling.

LOW NOSE CONCEPT All iSonic use the 'low-nose' concept for reduced drag and added control. The profiles remain thin for wind range and the deep deck concaves provide control, a more vertical sailing position while closing the gap between the sail and the deck of the board.   iSONIC SPEED SLALOM: 90 The iSonic 90 has gained early planing and jibe exit speed by increasing the width at 60 cm by 9 mm. This also has a positive incidence on the acceleration which is very important in slalom, where getting to max speed as quickly as possible is key to winning. The board now rides a bit lower, and becomes easier to control.   iSONIC SLALOM: 97 The iSonic 97 has seen its thickness reduced by as much as 7 mm in the nose area to increase control. The cut-aways in the tail have been redesigned to reduce the wetted surface area for less drag. Combining these two new features gives you a board that you can control further, on more wind than before. Highly recommended for medium weight racers as their medium wind board.   iSONIC SLALOM: 107 The iSonic 107 is a bit bigger in 2018: up to 1 cm wider and also thicker in the tail to increase performance with a 8.6m² sail size, as the gap between the 137 and 107 had grown too big. To keep the top-end speed and performance levels with a 7.8m², the wetted surface area was reduced by adjusting the cut-aways, like on the iSonic 97. As a result, the iSonic 107 accelerates faster than before, even with a 7.8m². The winning slalom machine for medium and heavy weights in medium winds.   iSONIC RACE SLALOM: 117 Totally new this year, the iSonic 117 now draws from the same style as the iSonic 127 and 137 with more lightwind emphasis. It is the light weapon for lighter weights and the powerful option for medium to heavy weights in medium winds. Ready to Foil.   iSONIC RACE SLALOM: 127 The iSonic 127 is more compact, and 2 cm shorter than last year's model. The wetted surface is also 2 cm narrower at 30 cm from the tail, although the total width of the board is only 5 mm narrower. 
The result is earlier planing, quicker accelerations, a higher top speed and improved jibing performance. Ready to Foil.   iSONIC RACE SLALOM: 137 Based on the developments brought to the iSonic 127, the new iSonic 137 is 3 cm shorter. The wetted surface area is 1.7 cm narrower at 30 cm while the width of the board at this point is 1.3 cm narrower. Like for the 127, the result is earlier planing, quicker accelerations, a higher top speed and improved jibing performance. Ready to Foil.   iSONIC 147 & iSONIC 157 The new iSonic 147 is designed to meet the IFCA's updated 91 cm width limit for slalom racing and the PWA's 91 cm for foil racing. Together with the wider iSonic 157, they are two hyper-efficient light-wind machines built for racing. They are our most high-performance foil boards.   READY to FOIL The iSonic 117, 127, 137, 147 and 157 are Ready to Foil. The fin boxes are reinforced to withstand heavier loads associated with foiling. They use thick, high-density PVC sheets and thick carbon fibre walls.        

Lengte Breedte Volume Gewicht Box Zeil
228 91.0 147 8.10 kg foilbox 8.2 - 10.4
231 67.4 97 6.20 kg tuttlebox 5.6 - 8.2
231 71.9 107 6.40 kg tuttlebox 6.2 - 8.6
228 77.2 117 7.30 kg foilbox 7.0 - 9.2
229 82.8 127 7.40 kg foilbox 7.8 - 9.5
228 84.8 137 7.60 kg foilbox 8.2 - 10.4
229 99.8 157 8.35 kg foilbox 8.2 - 10.4