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Merk: Starboard Windfoil
Kleur: ---
Artikelnr: 4001000006 / 4001000006
Leveranciernr: Foil Technora 2017


The first time I flew, it was a revelation. A mind-blowing, magical, memorable moment on par with those early planing days. Don’t we all remember the first time we got planing? Who would have thought that there was another hidden level in windsurfing. We windsurfers savor those memories and here we are, with an opportunity to relive those feelings once more.

Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more fun? The foil adventure begins.

Starboard Foil 147: the foil windsurfboard and lightwind windsurf board in one.

It is based on the UltraSonic 147 and adds a reinforced foil box, a reinforced construction and extra footstrap inserts for additional tuning options to match any foil you choose to fit.

Foil mode:
The 95 cm wide outline coupled with a wide tail gives you a super-efficient shape that planes up early and gives you a high degree of control and leverage over the foil. The 241 cm length makes the board forgiving when dropping off the foil and helps the board take off.

Windsurf mode:
Like the UltraSonic 147 it is based on, the Foil 147 is efficient and fast in the lightest winds. The footstrap positions are less far outboard compared to pure racing boards, making them more comfortable and easier to handle. The extra length allows us to use a longer, smooth rockerline profile, helping the board glide easily on to the plane.

The Foil 147 is fitted with two rows of 5 inserts for each footstrap.

For foils with their front wings placed further forward, we recommend the forward positions. For foils with their front wings placed further back, we recommend the back positions.

The Starboard Foil 147 is delivered with the new UltraLight Mk IV footstraps. They neither stretch nor twist thanks to a new internal Kevlar X-Ply layer and an additional poly-carbonate reinforcement.

The Foil 147 construction includes extra stringers and longitudinal reinforcements to strengthen the board against repetitive landings.

Length: 241 cm
Width: 95 cm
Volume: 147 liters
Sailrange: 5.5 - 9.8 m2
Weight: 9,5 kg
(board excl. Foil)