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VAPOR 2015

  • GAASTRA VAPOR 2015 blauw

Bekijk alle details van de gaastra vapor 2015 eenvoudig online bij Geniet zo snel mogelijk van je nieuwe aankoop, bestel vandaag nog in de online surfshop.

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Merk: Gaastra Race & Slalom zeil
Kleur: blauw
Artikelnr: 401090049 / 4010900013
Leveranciernr: Vapor 2015

Watch out here we come! Introducing the 2015 Vapor Race Line up- A lighter and faster sail than anything yet to be produced. More effortless in the hands, superior acceleration with constant forward drive.

“What’s New?”

A straight Leech on slalom sizes 5,2 to 9.6 allows these sails to knife through the wind with less resistance. A Posi Leech on Formula sizes 10,0 11,0 12,5 to keep upwind ability and drive in lighter winds A Higher aspect ratio to capture more wind, turning it into more power. A deeper shape in the lower region and in front along the luff sleeve.

More Flexibility in the rig for all sizes giving more control in rough waters. A New 2Ply mast sleeve construction on slalom sizes for more durability. A slightly more narrow Mast sleeve in the top half of the sail for better aerodynamics. An additional vertical luff panel to control the increased shaping down low.


R&D Details

The GA Vapor is a no compromise racing sail. The R&D process continues throughout the entire year to keep the windsurfers winning. In 2014, Gaastra won the IFCA slalom world title and the Formula world and european championships.  The new 2015 models have been beating these sails already for the past months! They can’t wait to get them on the race course!

Gaastra has implemented their new design features  with new outlines, compact batten positioning and stabilized head configurations. On the slalom sizes they adopted a straight leech as it was the best compromise for downwind racing, while on the formula sizes the posi leech works better with its added drive upwind. We increased the aspect ratio on the slalom sails making them more agile around the jibes and with increased shaping in the bottom and in the luff higher up in the sail performance is at a new level. Gaastra also worked on the flexibility of the rig fine tuning it for every single size. They changed the mast sleeve material on the slalom sizes and reduced its width in the top half of the sail. On the Formula sizes they redesigned them all and put a new outline with a much smaller head in all the sizes. Gaastra changed the batten positioning finding a more efficient upwind power zone, which helped us to take one batten off the 12,5 making it an 8 batten 4 camber configuration like on the other sizes.  A newly designed head and clew fairings for additional protection of those exposed areas of the sail make the sails much more durable.

The trademark features like C-Film, Radial panel layout, SAS System, new designed tack fairing, all combine to make the 2015 Vapor in a league of its own.


  • – use of C-Film // for better durability and performance
  • – Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for perfect, locked in sail shape with smooth profile, twist control and durability
  • – 3D EVA mast protector // New design, more user friendly, much easier to handle for maximum shock- absorbing and minimal weight
  • – 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • – dropped clew -// shorter boom, improved lower twist
  • – SAS (Shock Absorbing System) // with K105 and 2PLY materials allows the rig to flex under high loads at high speeds
  • – neoprene closure of boom cutout // for advanced aerodynamic
  • – Professional Race Sail // no compromise competition equipment

Zeil Luff Giek Mast Latten Cambers Top
5.2 402 183 400 8 4 Vario top
5.6 411 184 400 8 4 fixed top
6.4 436 197 430 8 4 fixed top
7.1 458 208 430 8 4 fixed top
7.9 487 220 460 8 4 fixed top
8.6 505 231 490 8 4 fixed top
9.2 517 240 490 8 4 fixed top
9.6 530 245 490 8 4 fixed top