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Merk: NeilPryde Race & Slalom zeil
Kleur: blauw
Artikelnr: 4010990015 / 4010990015
Leveranciernr: 160014

The Neilpryde RS: Racing LT1 takes the racing pedigree of the RS:Racing EVO sail and builds it into a high performance yet user-friendly slalom package. It features a combination of excellent top-end speed, enhanced bottom-end power, stability and exceptional rotation at every gybe.
The Neilpryde RS:Racing LT1 is designed on the concept of real world racing. With a resurgence in slalom racing and continuing trends in long distance and GPS sailing, the LT1 brings World Cup-winning RS:Racing EVO technology to a wide range of performance minded sailors.

RS:Racing LT1 is an evolution of the RS:Slalom MK6 sail.

  • Open Integrated Compact Clew: Has all the advantages of the Dynamic Compact Clew and optimized foot outline as well as extra surface under the boom. The gap between the sail and the board is now closed when the sail is sheeting in.
  • Mini Batcams: Streamline and reduce weight in critical upper leech.
  • Three-Piece Cam Battens:  A 3-piece batten provides the framework for the design of a smooth, lightweight and stable sail profile. Carbon/fiberglass tube: stiffest section. Hollow mid-section: medium stiffness. Precision Tapered CNC Batten: variable stiffness.
  • Carbon Leech Mini Battens: Provide max support with minimum weight.
  • Batten Chafe Protection: Abrasion resistant PU print to help protect the battens from damage caused by rigging or boom contact.
  • Kevlar Batten Bridges: To distribute the high downhaul load crossing the battens.
  • Aerodynamic Boom cutout closure: Prevents the apparent wind from blowing into the mast sleeve and generating drag.
  • Loopsters: Allowing easy rigging through loop to loop system that reduces the friction and eliminates any crossing lines (crucial when using adjustable outhaul system).
  • Ultracams: Innovative suspended camber system dramatically improves sail rotation and acceleration out of gybes. Simultaneous tuning of battens and cambers makes the sail easy to tune.
  • Clear Pocket Batten Sleeve: Overlapping body panels create a sleeve for battens, eliminating the need for traditional, separate batten pockets. This saves on unnecessary weight, simplifies construction and creates a fully symmetrical batten cavity, eliminating the tendency of traditional batten pockets to load differently from one tack to another.
  • Mini Carbon Battens: For a smoother leading edge in the upper area where no cams are used.
  • Batcam Screw Adjuster: For easy and precise tension application.
  • Clew Batten: Providing clew support and load distribution.

Zeil Luff Giek Mast Latten Cambers Top Dikte
5.6 423 176-181 400 8 3 Fixed RDM
6.4 446 185-190 430 8 3 Fixed SDM
7.0 469 195-200 460 8 3 Fixed SDM
7.8 492 205-210 460 8 3 Fixed SDM
8.6 517 215-220 490 8 3 Fixed SDM
9.4 543 227-232 490 8 3 Fixed SDM