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MANIC 2015

  • GAASTRA MANIC 2015 paars

Bekijk alle details van de gaastra manic 2015 eenvoudig online bij Geniet zo snel mogelijk van je nieuwe aankoop, bestel vandaag nog in de online surfshop.

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Merk: Gaastra Wavezeil
Kleur: paars
Artikelnr: 4010110025 / 4010110025
Leveranciernr: Manic 2015

Manic 2015

Gaastra stepped the legendary character of this sail up another notch to create the 2015 Manic. The Manic is a great sail for all conditions and all windsurfers. When it comes to performance in big or small waves, it is in a class of its own; a radical wave sail with neutral handling no matter what happens.

With shortening the luff, updating the outline and making it more compact, the sail is even more maneurverable.
Alex Mussolini is enthusiastic about the new Manic, saying it’s even more stable, but at the same time so easy to maneuver. To make the choice between Manic and IQ, the Manic is the perfect overall sail for all conditions and strong wind, while the IQ is a little more light-wind oriented. The new design concepts of Posi Leech, Compact Batten Positioning and Stabilized Head Configuration improve the drive of the sail, bringing the center of gravity down. 

Gaastra has made the luff shorter and kept the boom the same in general. The Stabilized Head Configuration and revised panel layout with less seams results in a reinforced head and clew area, whilst the very top of the sail is made completely in X-ply, which combined with an X-ply panel between clew and Monofilm window make for additional protection. Compact Batten Positioning brings the battens (and the center of gravity) of the sail further down.  Adjusted luff curve details for a smoother curve.The 4.2m now has 4 battens. The top half of the sail is in our lightweight and elastic 2-Ply material. We kept the Dacron luff panel as in our opinion it is the best material when aiming for a smooth and soft behavior and great neutrality.

Key features
  • Shorter luff
  • Posi Leech
  • Compact Batten Positioning
  • Stabilized Head Configuration
  • Revised Panel Layout with less seams and better protected head and clew areas
  • Use of 2-Ply in upper body for reduced weight, lower swing weight and better response
  • DACRON LUFF PANEL for softer, smoother feeling and maximum neutrality
  • More low end performance
  • Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for perfect locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
  • 3D EVA mast protector. New design, more user friendly, much easier to handle for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • 3D mast head protector for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • Vario Top protector – this little feature protects the exposed adjustment webbing from wear and tear
  • 2 mast concept. Revised outline parameters on key sizes
  • More torque provides more power for multi-fin boards
  • Low clew position for better control in bottom turns and better leach twist
  • Soft, elastic and alive character for fast response and improved handling

Zeil Luff Giek Mast Latten Top Dikte
3.3 339 140 370 4 Vario RDM
3.7 360 146 370 4 Vario RDM
4.0 373 149 370 4 Vario RDM
4.2 379 154 370 4 Vario RDM
4.5 389 159 370 5 Vario RDM
4.7 400 160 400/370 5 Vario RDM
5.0 406 164 400 5 Fixed RDM
5.3 421 168 400 5 Fixed RDM
5.7 434 173 430/400 5 Fixed RDM